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Selected Fall 2008 Radio Broadcasts
Title Broadcast Date Notes
No Power Shortage Tuesday September 16, 2008
It's Time To Fast And Pray Wednesday September 17, 2008
The Experience Of Desolation Thursday September 18, 2008
It's Going To Be Alright Friday September 19, 2008
How We Bear The Cross Makes the Difference Monday Sept. 22, 2008
The Presence Of God Is The Essence Of Worship Tuesday Sept. 23, 2008
A Message Of Hope Wednesday Sept. 24, 2008
A Watchman Thursday Sept. 25, 2008
Beyond The Point Of Elasticity Thursday Oct. 2, 2008
The Vineyard Of The Lord Monday Oct. 6, 2008
It Ain't Necessarily So Tuesday Oct. 7, 2008
Suffering For The Sake Of Jesus Wednesday Oct. 8, 2008
How Many Watchmen Do We Have? Thursday Oct. 9, 2008
Are You Weak Enough? Friday Oct. 10, 2008
Marriage Redefined Monday Oct. 13, 2008
The Desires Of Your Heart Tuesday Oct. 14, 2008
The Walking Sticks Of The Devil Wednesday Oct. 15, 2008


From the Summer 2008 Worship Services
"Revival- Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David"
Title Broadcast Date Notes
The Glory, Part 1 Monday July 7, 2008
The Glory, Part 2 Monday July 7, 2008
A New Heart Tuesday July 8, 2008
I'm Doing Something New, Part 1 Wednesday July 9, 2008
I'm Doing Something New, Part 2 Wednesday July 9, 2008
You Have No Idea What You Are Doing When You Praise Thursday July 10
The Blood Of Jesus Friday July 11
Seeds Of Revival Sunday July 13
Revival, Part 1 Monday July 14
Revival, Part 2 Monday July 14

Selected Radio Broadcasts During Summer 2008 Revival
Title Broadcast Date Notes
Awesome Presence Of God Monday July 14, 2008
It's Easier To Open Your Mouth Than Your Heart Tuesday July 15
The Name Of The Game Wednesday July 16
Set Free Thursday July 17
Dr. Jesus Friday July 18 Guest Host: Maria Vadia
Who Are You Out To Please? Wednesday August 27
Jonah, A Child's Example Friday August 29
Who's Fool Are You? Wednesday September 3
Don't Unpack Thursday September 4


Selected Spring 2008 Radio Broadcasts
Title Broadcast Date Notes
Washed In The Blood March 19, 2008 Wednesday of Holy Week
Experiential Knowledge March 20, 2008 Holy Thursday
Recapitulation March 21, 2008 Good Friday
The Glance Of Love March 24, 2008 Easter Monday
A Heart Of Flesh March 25, 2008 Easter Tuesday
The Author Of Life March 26, 2008 Easter Wednesday
Begging Mentality Part 1 March 27, 2008 Easter Thursday
Begging Mentality Part 2 March 28, 2008 Easter Friday
Uneducated And Ordinary Part 1 March 31, 2008 Monday, Second Week of Easter
Uneducated And Ordinary Part 2 April 1, 2008 Tuesday, Second Week of Easter
Led By The Spirit April 2, 2008 Wednesday, Second Week of Easter
Faith Crisis April 3, 2008 Thursday, Second Week of Easter


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