Father Tom DiLorenzo's 2010 Video Broadcasts

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Selected Fall 2010 Video Broadcasts
Title iOS Version for the iPAD Broadcast Date Notes
Who Is That Baby? iOS_Who Is That Baby? December 2010 Video #533
Sold Out To Materialism iOS_Sold Out... December 2010 Video #531
Be Prepared iOS_Be Prepared December 2010 Video #530
Worrying Is Useless iOS_Worrying Is Useless November 2010 Video #529
Jesus Will Never Reject You iOS_Jesus Will Never... November 2010 Video #528
If You Don't Use It You Lose It iOS_If You Don't... September 2010 Video #527
There Is Only One Way iOS_There Is Only One Way September 2010 Video #526


Selected Summer 2010 Video Broadcasts
Title iOS Version for the iPAD Broadcast Date Notes
I'll Be Loving You Always iOS_I'll Be Loving... August 2010 Video #525
Nothing Is Impossible With God iOS_Nothing Is Impossible... August 2010 Video #524
Faithful And True iOS_Faithful And True August 2010 Video #523
For Those Who Believe iOS_For Those Who Believe August 2010 Video #522
Persecuted But Loved iOS_Persecuted But Loved July 2010 Video #521
Expectation iOS_Expectation July 2010 Video #520
Sin Is A Killer iOS_Sin Is A Killer June 2010 Video #519
You're In Good Hands iOS_You're In Good Hands June 2010 Video #518


Selected Spring 2010 Video Broadcasts
Title iOS Version for the iPAD Broadcast Date Notes
You Are Worth The Precious Blood Of Jesus iOS_You Are Worth... June 2010 Video #517
It's All About Jesus iOS_It's All About Jesus June 2010 Video #516
The Land Of Broken, Discarded Toys iOS_The Land Of Broken... May 2010 Video #513
The Post Christian Era iOS_The Post Christian Era May 2010 Video #512
We Die The Way We Live iOS_We Die The Way We Live April 2010 Video #511
Praise God In The Midst Of Trouble iOS_Praise God In... April 2010 Video #510


Selected Winter 2010 Video Broadcasts
Title iOS Version for the iPAD Broadcast Date Notes
When You Love Someone iOS_When You Love Someone March 2010 Video #509
Time Is Of The Essence iOS_Time Is Of The Essence March 2010 Video #508
There Are No Roses Without Thorns iOS_There Are No Roses... February 2010 Video #507
Don't Look At The Storm iOS_Don't Look At The Storm February 2010 Video #506
It's Called Life iOS_It's Called Life January 2010 Video #505
How Big Is Your God? iOS_How Big Is Your God? January 2010 Video #504
God Will Not be Outdone In Generosity iOS_God Will Not be Outdone... January 2010 Video #503
His Faithfulness Is Without End iOS_His Faithfulness... January 2010 Video #502


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